I Pinky Promise…

Pinky Promise - LogoIt is that time of the year… The time when we start making Pinky Promises and wheeling and dealing with our parents. To make things simple, WizeAz & Jumbles made some very cool designs of “Gentlemen’s Agreements” that you can print out and use.

The “Gentlemen’s Agreement” and the “Pinky Promise” are forms of deals made between kids and grown-ups, between kids or even between grown-ups. They are very similar in nature! In both cases the strength of the deal relies on the strength of the word of the people making the agreement.

Something to think about: Your word is one of the most valuable things that you own; and nobody can take it away from you!

Please click on the design you like and print out from your browser.

Cotton Candy
Pinky Promise - Cotton Candy

ArtPinky Promise - Art

Pinky Promise - Clouds

Pinky Promise - Red

OrangePinky Promise - Orange

Pinky Promise - White

Pinky Promise - Paper

Pinky Promise - Plain

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