Ride the subway for 30 squats!

30 squats for a rideWhat a healthy idea… exchanging squats for subway tickets. A special “squat-counting” ticket vending machine has been set-up at the Vystavochaya subway station in Moscow, Russia. The rides-for-squats vending machine is designed to encourage physical fitness and a healthier lifestyle; it also gets people excited for The Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014. Just to make sure that there is some effect from the squats and your heart rate goes up, there is a time limit of two minutes. The exercise is counted by a camera and other sensors in the machine,

Why 30 squats?

The math is simple – Each trip on the subway costs 30 rubles, each squat is worth one ruble! If fitness isn’t really your thing, you can still pay 30 rubles (about 90 cents) to ride the subway instead. The machine will remain at the station until December 3, 2013.

Any other similar other similar exchange exercise-for-stuff?

The Russian Olympic Committee also will be offering exercise bikes that produce electricity to charge your cell phone. and turning the hanging handles on buses into exercise bands.

Enjoy this video from Russia (might not be available in all areas or for all devices):

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