Flipping the classroom – the future of school?

Kidz News ClassroomBefore you even think of asking – No, it is not an upside down classroom, where you walk on your hands! It is actually a new approach to how we teach and how we study.

Flipping the classroom is a very simple thought: You do your schoolwork at home and your homework at school. The idea is that you spend time at home learning a lesson at your own pace by using a Video Lecture. You can pause, stop, take a break, go back, fast forward and so on until you grasp the lesson or concept you are learning. As we see in “normal” schools all the time, different kids learn different subjects at a different pace. The next day, when you go to school, you do your homework there – meaning that at school you solve problems and if you get stuck the teacher will come and give you personal “one on one” guidance. Instead of the teacher being a talking head that reads a lecture, the teacher becomes a coach, who helps you where you need help. While doing the homework at school, the progress of the student is monitored by special software. The software tells the teacher which student has problems and where. It sees, for example, that you are good at multiplication, but you need help in division and so on.

We have an interesting article about The Khan Academy, which has software that flips the classroom and also it provides a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Please click on the logo:

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This is an example of a very simple Video Lecture. We are using The Khan Academy Video “Basic Addition”.

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