Planting trees for newborns!

Since 1 January 2008 the Welsh Government has pledged to plant a tree for every child born or adopted in Wales. The program is called “Plant!” and is helping to create a welsh national forest of native trees. There are several sites around Wales that are being planted at this moment. So far there have been over 150,000 new trees planted. Don’t forget that trees produce oxygen! “Why is this important?” you ask – It is important, because we need oxygen to live.

The original idea came from Natalie Vaughan, who thought it would be a good way to make people think about the environment and the role they have in preserving it. Natalie was 11 years old at the time. Each child receives a certificate stating where their tree will be planted. They could come in the future and visit it. Quick question for you – How old is Natalie today?

What do you think?