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Have you ever seen something that affected you so much that you wanted to get up and go and do something about it? But then you thought, “What can I do, I am only a kid” or, “That’s what grown-ups do”?

Usually it would take quite an event to pry us from our video games, our social media updates or our trips to the mall. But sometimes you just have to stand up and do what’s right, no matter how old you are. I sincerely hope this story is such an event!

It is the heart-warming tale of a 12-year-old Canadian boy named Craig Kielburger, who read an article about Iqbal Masih, a 12-year-old Pakistani slave boy, who managed to escape the slave masters. Not only did he escape, he campaigned against child slavery, he spoke to crowds of people and caused quite a stir. After two years of fighting against child slavery, he was killed! The article affected Craig so much that he got up and did something about it. He organized his classmates; he talked to the Canadian Parliament and he dedicated his life to it. He started a charity called “Free the Children”, which has changed the lives of thousands of children around the world.

Today, 17 years later, “Free the Children” is in 45 countries around the world. There are over two million volunteers and counting, most of them under 18 years of age!

When Ed Bradley of “60 Minutes” asked him: “Why you?” Craig, without taking a beat answered: “Why not? If everyone in the world could say, ‘Why me?’, then nothing ever would be accomplished. Why me, because, I’ve met those children, because I’ve seen them, because I read the story of Iqbal Masih… Why not me?”

Watch a brief video (if available in your viewing area).

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Wize Az wants YOU to be more aware of the world!

Not every child lives in a world of candy canes and rainbows.

We can’t choose where we are born, but we can choose to help!

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