A Giant Yellow Rubber Duck spreads joy in Hong Kong

The Rubber Duck in Hong KongAfter two weeks of suspense, the wait is over – A gigantic yellow rubber duck floated into Hong Kong. The duck will hang out in Victoria Harbour until June 9, 2013. Keep in mind that this is no ordinary stay-in-your-own-pond kind of a duck – It is a world traveler! The Hong Kong visit is part of the “Spreading Joy around the World” tour.


The Rubber Duck in OsakaWhere can I see the duck?

There are two Rubber Duck things you can see in Hong Kong and they are both open to the public and are free:

1.    The Inflatable Rubber Duck Exhibition, May 2 to June 9, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Ocean Terminal, Harbour City — Victoria Harbour and Forecourt.

2.    Rubber Duck Photo Exhibition, May 1 to May 26, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Gallery by the Harbour, Ocean Centre, Harbour City.


More about the duck:

The Rubber Duck in Sydney

The Rubber Duck is actually an inflatable sculpture, which is about 16.5 meters (54 feet) tall. The duck is deflated for transportation and then re-inflated on location using a generator. The giant rubber duck was constructed with more than 200 pieces of PVC in New Zealand by a company specializing in large sails. The ‘rubber duck project’ started in 2007 and has already visited 10 countries and 12 cities around the world such as Sao Paulo (Brazil), Auckland (New Zealand), Sydney (Australia), Hasselt (Belgium) and most recently Osaka (Japan). Next stop for Rubber Duck is the United States. The exact destination is a closely guarded secret.


The Rubber Duck creator Florentijn HofmanWho made the duck?

The man who created this “tiny little ducky” is Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman; He believes that everyone has happy childhood memories with a rubber duck in a bathtub. “I see it as an adult thing. It makes you feel young again,” Florentijn has 3 kids and is 36 years old. He is known for his super large sized art work.

“The rubber duck connects everyone” – Florentijn Hofman


The Rubber Duck in Hong Kong. Video might not be available in your viewing area.


The Rubber Duck in Sydney. Video might not be available in your viewing area.


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